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Temporary Support Worker

Here at ARC Communities, based in North Wales, our primary function is to provide open access drop-in services for people who are homeless or suffer with serious substance misuse. We seek to inspire, motivate and care for people living in chaos or crisis, without prejudice or discrimination, supporting them back into stability and independent living within their communities by embracing them as unique, necessary and totally worthwhile members of society. A post has become available:

JOB VACANCY     Temporary Support Worker 22.5 hours per week

At the drop –in at Colwyn Bay and the drop-in at Rhyl.

Salary £8 per hour


Knowledge and experience of working with homeless and potentially homeless people, ability to impart life skills around tenancies etc. dealing with accommodation issues and an ability to work with and liaise with other agencies and voluntary services.

Accountable to Senior Support Worker.

For further information see:

Job Description

Application Form

Equal Opportunities Form

Available at or

Closing date 12 noon Tuesday June 15th 2018

Please complete the Application  Form stating how you would meet the Job Description /Person Specification in the appropriate place, to the HR Admin either via email at  or by post to ARC Communities Eglwys Dewi Sant, Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay,LL29 7TE

Many thanks

Ian McNeillie – Area Manager

paula - vol of year 2017Paula Chan – Volunteer of the Year 2016, awarded for excellent commitment & the many hours she has put in at the ARC Community Shop & on the monthly Prison Bus! Paula has been a real asset to ARC, giving of her time freely for over 3-years! She, like all our volunteers is highly valued!

Volunteer at ARC Communities

We are very proud of all our volunteers, and so grateful for the many hours of their time given to ensure that drop-ins operate smoothly on a daily basis. The reality is that we couldn’t open our centres or shop without our volunteers.

We rely heavily on them to provide for both the catering and the support side of our work, and we have never been let down to the point where we couldn’t open a drop-in which when put in perspective, is an amazing feat as we are open 260 days of the year in 2 different locations, both with a minimum of 2 volunteers on site to open for a 6-hour shift. That’s 6240 volunteer hours needed per year as an absolute minimum to get our centres open. Our volunteers in fact do many more hours than this with most days supported by three or four volunteers.

So what are the different volunteering roles available?

Peer Mentoring and Support Work – assisting disadvantaged people with a range of support needs in one of our busy Day Centres

Catering – Enjoy cooking? Why not assist in one of our Drop-In kitchens?

Cleaning – we are always looking for people who enjoy organising and cleaning to help out on a daily basis in our day rooms and kitchens.

Creative Arts – skilled in the creative arts in some way. Want to develop your own class, bringing something new and innovative to support services such as our Street Homeless Creative or Cook & Eat Workshop

Vocational volunteer – Do you have a particular skill you’d like to offer – vocational/therapeutic such as hairdressing, chiropody, arts and crafts, music, and would like to spend a couple of hours plying your skill on a voluntary basis.


Volunteer Driver – To assist with the delivery of buffets for Nomad Outside Catering or pick up food donations & deliver parcels for Conwy Foodbank in the organisations delivery van (must be over 25 & hold a clean driving licence)

Volunteer Retail Assistant – to help in our Pensarn Community Shop

Volunteer Maintenance Support – to assist with a variety of DIY jobs at our Supported Housing Project Beit Tikva

To enquire about joining the team get in touch with us here or complete the Volunteer Application Form below.

Volunteer Application Form (pdf)

Become an ARC Communities Member

If volunteering doesn’t suit you but you’d like to be part of ARC Communities, you can become a member from £1 per share. As a member or shareholder, you can influence what happens in your community from identifying need to the organisational running of the projects. Find out more about becoming a member/shareholder by enquiring here.

ARC Communities is an Industrial & Privident Society (IPS) with tax exemption and charitable status through HMRC. Our believe is “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; give a man a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime”. That being the case, we give our participants and volunteers a share in our organisation, and by doing so enjoy user-led organic growth & development in all that we do.

Charitable Rules 2013

Registered in England as an Industrial and Provident Society under

the Industrial and Provident Act 1965 ARC Communities Limited – Reg No 31206R



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