Anger Management

Anger is one of the most basic human emotions. It is a physical and mental response to a threat or to harm done in the past. Anger takes many different forms from irritation to blinding rage or resentment that festers over many years.

At any point in time, a combination of physical, mental and social factors interact to make us feel a certain way. This can be different for each of us, but what is similar is that our feelings are influenced by our emotional make-up, how we view the world, what happens around us and our circumstances. Like other emotions, anger rarely acts alone. As we go about our lives, we’re constantly weighing up situations and deciding what we think about them: good or bad, safe or unsafe etc.

How we interpret a situation influences how we feel about it. If we think we are in danger, we feel afraid. If we feel we have been wronged, we feel angry. These feelings determine how we react to the situation. We translate meanings into feelings very fast. With anger, that speed sometimes means that we react in ways we later regret.

At ARC Communities, we recognise the harm and destruction that can come from the mismanagement of anger whether that is in your personal relationships, or your professional work life. “But how do I stop? I’ve tried so hard but I have no control over it …. it just happens”?!? Our Anger Management Interventions provide 10 sessions aimed at helping you understand your anger, identify triggers, and introduce skills and tools to help you control it so that it doesn’t hold you back anymore.

For more information on our Anger Management Course North Wales, please contact our office on: 01492 535626 or or use the contact form below.

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I was asked to go on an anger management course by one of the managers because I was loosing my temper. And I found that it was very good for me and now I can manage my anger and I use it now

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